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Ahead of the Pack

We develop integrated solutions in bike share systems for cities and communities looking to provide a healthier, more sustainable transportation alternative.

Secure Bike technology has withstood the test of usage in major cities across the world, including London, New York, and Toronto.

Our approach is simple: to harness over 35 years of experience and forge a bespoke solution to meet the needs of each community.

We Challenge Convention

Our passion for bike sharing stems from our experience in developing countries, where pollution and congestion pose serious challenges for cities and residents.

At Secure Bike we rebel againts this fate. We believe bicycle transit systems can transform urban transportation to make it more human.

We innovate every day to curate a memorable experience for riders and a sustainable alternative to communities around the world.

“Relentless innovation and a genuine passion for cycling.

That’s how we stay ahead of the pack”

Energize Your Brand

Bike share systems are a remarkable opportunity to build brand equity. The Secure Bike team of marketing consultants can help you generate and convert the best leads.


Our solution offer sponsors the opportunity to improve brand awareness across the entire system.

Design will be handled by our experts and can be customized in various ways to suit your needs. Opportunities for branding include:

Placement opportunities exist almost anywhere on the bicycle.
First point of contact with the user.
Large panel used to help communicate your brand and message.
Virtual branding on the web or your smartphone.
A dynamic, intuitive branding opportunity to seduce any audience

Secure Bike Share

Want to make a difference?

Secure Bike is an organization with a purpose: to transform cities and communities to make them healthier, cleaner and more human.

If you are looking to join a dynamic group of people tackling global challenges shoot us an email and let’s talk.

Our door is open in Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Lebanon.

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